Our Tree Care Services in Colorado

Discover our professional tree care services in Colorado! With extensive expertise in managing the impact of Colorado's climate on trees, we provide a range of specialized tree services to ensure your trees thrive and remain visually stunning throughout the year.


Tree Care

Preserve your outdoor space with our premier tree care services! At American Quality Tree Care LLC, we specialize in creating thriving treescapes that stand out. Our skilled team utilizes advanced methods and top-quality products to maintain the health and beauty of your trees. From precise mite and aphid control to personalized fertilization, we cater to all your tree care requirements.

Opt for American Quality Tree Care LLC for a more vibrant and welcoming outdoor area that boosts your property's overall appeal. Your ideal tree care solution is just a phone call away.


Deep-Root Fertilization

Enhance your trees' vitality with our premium deep-root fertilization service, which deeply enriches their roots and promotes optimal growth. At American Quality Tree Care LLC, we understand the importance of sustaining your trees' health. That's why we offer the environmentally friendly option to include systemic pesticides, which include up to 6 months coverage from pest damage, for added protection against pests and diseases, ensuring your trees remain resilient.

Our knowledgeable team excels in the science of deep-root fertilization, customizing our methods to suit your trees' unique needs. By replenishing essential nutrients and promoting vital root development, we fortify your trees against environmental stresses. Systemic protection is suggested and recommended! Our comprehensive approach to tree care will make your outdoor space thrive and remain beautiful year-round.

Benefits of our Service:

  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Enhances root development
  • Enhances overall health and beauty 

Starting at $13/tree


Canopy Treatment

Safeguard your trees from damaging pests with our reliable canopy treatment services at American Quality Tree Care LLC! We recognize the critical role of mite and aphid control in preserving tree vitality, and our expert team excels in creating a protective shield for your trees. Bid farewell to harmful pests that threaten your trees' health, such as mites and aphids, and restore tranquility to your outdoor space. 

We utilize advanced techniques and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure effective insect control without compromising the ecosystem. Trust us to keep your trees pest-free and thriving, promoting their longevity and beauty.

Benefits of our Service:

  • Immediate results
  • Cost effective
  • Precise control

Starting at $10/tree


Bark Beetle Pheromone Patch

Bark beetles are harmful because they tunnel beneath the bark, disrupting the tree's vascular system, which transports water and nutrients. Many types of Bark beetles eat different trees, such as pine, spruce, and ash trees. They cause disruption and weaken the tree, making it vulnerable to disease and other pests, ultimately leading to tree death. Additionally, bark beetles can introduce fungi that further damage the tree, exacerbating the impact on forest ecosystems.

Invest in the health of your trees with our specialized Bark Beetle Pheromone Patch service at American Quality Tree Care LLC! By deploying these patches, tree owners can effectively deter destructive pests like bark beetles, safeguarding your trees from damage and decline. Invest in your trees' well-being today!

By using our pheromone pouches we can deter beetle attacks without needing any chemical applications. Not guaranteed to work.

Benefits of our service:

  • Proactive Pest Defense: Deploy patches to protect trees from destructive pests like bark beetles.
  • Bee & Pollinator Safe Options
  • Chemical Free

Flower Bed Fertilization

Revitalize your garden with our exclusive Flower Bed Fertilization service! Tailored to provide essential nutrients, our unique approach promotes beautiful blooms and hardy plant health. Enhance the looks and life of your garden today with our professional touch!